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Your trusted service center for personal education and support for self-managed crypto

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Our Vision

To manage your crypto wallet safely.

Safe2Crypto’s vision is for everyone to be able to manage their own digital wallet and tries to serve its clients from that point of view.

Our 2-on-1 support ensures that there are always two people involved with a client, so that tailor-made support can be provided quickly. Safe2Crypto has fixed points of contact with short lines of communication, resulting in closer involvement.

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    Why Safe2Crypto?

    Personal crypto coaching.

    Safe2Crypto offers a crypto total service that guides you from your first purchase to managing your entire cryptocurrency portfolio.

    Starting with cryptocurrency

    2-on-1 coaching

    Manage your own wallet safely

    Crypto accounting

    Know-how and experience since 2016

    Available in the Netherlands and Belgium

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    Our Approach

    Your first crypto in 4 steps.

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    Our services

    Fast, easy and accessible

    Customized support

    excl. VAT

    (€251,68- INCL. VAT)

    • Support with a digital wallet
    • Moving crypto
    • Setting up portfolio in app
    • Crypto accounting

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    excl. VAT

    (€627,99 INCL. VAT)

    • Personal telephone support
    • Discount on the hourly rate
    • Information meeting (annually)
    • Value review (annually)

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    Frequently asked questions

    A trusted first step into cryptocurrencies.

    What should you imagine? Where do you start buying crypto? Many of these questions will be covered during an intake interview.  Afterwards, you will have a good impression of what we can do for you.

    If you want to get started with crypto either take a position or start trading, we are the right place for you. We will help you from creating an account to your first purchase of a cryptocurrency. Even if you already own crypto but you lose overview because of too much overwhelming information, we can assist you in optimising your account(s) and/or portfolio.

    For individuals and/or companies, who are new to the world of cryptocurrencies. However, also for those who are already familiar with cryptocurrencies, but want to make their crypto portfolio more transparent.

    Yes, after the start-up support, you can start working independently and when you run into questions, we are happy to assist you with our services.

    Cryptocurrencies belong to your assets of Box 3. You declare the fair market value of your cryptocurrencies on 1 January (reference date). We can also help you with this and prepare the statement of value for you. You can use this for your tax return. If you have a subscription with us, the value statement is part of it.

    All relevant data are personal and will be carefully documented by Safe2Crypto and handed over to you in duplicate upon finalisation. Safe2Crypto does not provide any management services in this respect. If you make the necessary data available, Safe2Crypto can assist your legal representative, so that your accumulated assets will not be lost and will go to your heirs.

    Safe2Crypto has the experience to deliver this evidence clearly to various banks and can take care of this together with you.

    Safe2Crypto is the first Dutch company to have a partnership with Koinly, a company that has developed software for complete tax reporting. This reporting meets the requirements of the Tax Authorities. Safe2Crypto will assist you in guiding and setting up this reporting module.

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