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We inform our clients about crypto in understandable and clear language.

Team Naaldwijk

Brian Pas and Hélène van der Meer


Multidisciplinary team

Two entrepreneurs who started as colleagues in the automotive industry and switched to the crypto domain, quite a challenge!

Where one has a background in the ICT world and is interested in cryptocurrencies with blockchain as the underlying technology, the other with a financial administration background is more interested in the applicability of cryptocurrencies. Both have the same goal: to inform clients in simple and clear language and help them document the necessary data as carefully as possible. This way, everyone can manage their own assets independently.

Manage your equity independently.

Trading crypto is not without risk, blockchain is a technology that is irreversible and that is precisely why it is very important that you know what you are doing. It is nice when you can rely on a company that can help you make this as safe as possible.

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Our team

In the crypto domain since 2016.

Two entrepreneurs who started as colleagues in the automotive industry and switched to the crypto domain, quite a challenge!

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Brian Pas

Partner / Owner
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Hélène van der Meer

Partner / Owner
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Mijn verhaal BP
Owner Brian Pas

My story

In recent years I have gained experience in ICT and financial matters at companies such as Mercedes-Benz The Hague and Vemo Lease in Naaldwijk. At Mercedes-Benz The Hague in the late 90s, as a system and application administrator, I experienced the rise of the Internet from close by. At Vemo Lease, a regional car leasing company, I worked for more than 15 years as a manager finance. Every day I dealt with the financial and operational issues that are the order of the day at a car leasing company. Despite the pleasure I got to experience in this position, I realized that the interest in all the developments in the field of blockchain and related cryptocurrencies got my attention more and more.

In my view, as long as the Internet has existed, the world of the crypto domain has been an integral part of our global society. We should see this world as a far-reaching upgrade of the Internet, with the applications of soon to be conceived and developed now. For me, this is the reason why I want to deal with this on a daily basis in a professional manner and, given the rapidly growing interest of many, to set up a company for this purpose.

In order to offer an exclusive service in this relatively young market, I decided to found Safe2Crypto together with my former colleague Hélène van der Meer. With this unique combination we think we can give our clients the right attention and help everyone who wants to enter this world on his or her level.

Mijn verhaal HM
Owner Hélène van der Meer

My story

Do you recognize that feeling, that telling something about yourself is difficult? I would still like to introduce myself. My name is Hélène van der Meer. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family, but actually starting your own business is quite a step.

I once heard someone make a remark about his profession: ‘No stress, at the end of the day it is only work’. That comment always scared me and I thought: that’s not how I see my future. Time is ticking by faster than you think and I want to experience and discover so much more.

A few years ago, my colleague Brian Pas piqued my interest about the crypto domain. Then I thought: that’s going to be the future! By now he already had a lot of experience in ICT and was very experienced in crypto. Although I had enjoyed working at Vemo Lease for more than 35 years, I took the step to become self-employed together with Brian.

I really enjoy personally guiding and getting everyone started in the crypto world. I think it’s important to do this in an independent and safe way. The underlying blockchain technology will become part of our society more and more. This is all just the beginning new developments are still going on every day. still. There is still so much to learn and discover and we will never be too old for that!

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